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Ottawa Rural Volunteer Fire Fighters
Posted On: Oct 07, 2022

As you may be aware, Teamsters has filed an application with the Ontario Labour Relations Board to certify a Rural Fire Station within the City of Ottawa.  Our goal is to provide Ottawa Rural Volunteer Fire Fighters with a voice and simple employment protection - the same voice and protection that exists in many rural areas across Ontario.  Rural Volunteer Fire Fighters unionizing is not new (many are unionized) and your time is now.  At this point, we have applied for one Station and encourage you all to seek information about unionizing.

The City suggests the proposed bargaining unit 'doesn't reflect how we operate in the Rural Division'.  Quite simply, you have the right to consider unionizing, regardless of the City's 'reflection'.  You have the legal right to have a voice and a strong advocate in the Teamsters.

We fully agree with the City, you all have the right to be heard on this important issue and encourage you to reach out to us.  We have a website specifically for information about unionizing for Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters at - take the time to visit the site.

If one Station was unionized, it would be that station’s collective agreement, not a Union or a collective agreement imposed on four hundred and sixty-seven Rural Fire Fighters or any other Rural Station.  You will not be affected if the Union drive is successful - only the Station for whom the Teamsters applied.  We agree, everyone should have a choice to join a Union - if the vote were to include all of you - it would be because the City proposed to the Ontario Labour Relations Board to include you – it is not a Teamsters’ proposal.  You can verify that in the City's response to the Board. We believe in choice - we applied for one Station - the City is potentially exposing you a vote you know nothing about.

People have a right to seek unionization. It is a basic right of freedom of association in Canada {Ontario}.  You are faced with the challenges of Stations being eroded into full-time Urban Stations with no consideration for your service when it comes to hiring - having a voice may change that.  Unions help members speak with a collective voice.  Many changes will occur in the Ottawa City Council, which could determine the future of Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters.

Please take the time to seek the answers, visit the website, reach out to the Teamsters for information.

Truly, it is unfortunate, it appears by virtue of their response, the City could appear to be stigmatizing your fellow Rural Fire Fighters at Station 81 who exercised their legal rights - perhaps, now is the time to band together as they have taken the brave first steps and deserve your support for trying to provide you with a voice.  Why did the City go out of their way to name the Station in the first paragraph of their E-mail to you?

Lastly, the City in their E-mail states 'we will be asking that the Board allow all of our volunteer firefighters to have a right to cast a vote in this important decision'.  But in their response to the Ontario Labour Relations Board {please review} - Item #6 - the City, by virtue of their response, takes the formal position that the ballots shouldn't be counted?  

Support your fellow Rural Volunteer Fire Fighters who are as dedicated to serving the public as you are. Don't allow them to endure potential stigmatization by virtue of the City's response.  Protect the freedom to seek unionization without intimidation and coercion.  Do the research - seek information and don't rely simply on the City's opinion.  Why wouldn't they want you unionized?

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